On these pages we introduce you to the Juku-team. We, Harukumo and Yoko, organize events and lessons together and share our experiences with you.


“Shibari is an intimate form of communication.”



09.2005-03.2006 First long-term stay in Tokyo and first encounter with Osada Steve. Helping in Studio SIX by coiling up ropes, cleaning, taking pictures of his Kinbaku Live-events and filming his sessions and performances.
08.2006 Participation in Osada Steve’s workshop in Berlin.
07.2011-03.2012 Second long-term stay in Tokyo. Introduction to Yukimura Haruki by Osada-Sensei, intensive lessons with Yukimura-Sensei.
09.2012Participation as co-instructor and interpreter at the Yukimura workshop in Copenhagen.
02.-05.2014Intensive instruction at Studio SIX with Osada-Sensei and assistance at the studio. Receiving the name Harukumo from Yukimura-Sensei and receiving the instructor license on April 16, 2014.
06.2014Foundation of Harukumo-Juku in Zurich Oerlikon, start with own classes.
03.-04.2015Three weeks in Tokyo. Start of certification in Osada-Ryû. Passing the exams for the 9th, 8th and 7th Kyû within three days.
10.2015Training with Vinciens in Vienna, passing the 6th Kyû in Osada-Ryû.
01.2016Passed the examination for the 5th Kyû in Osada-Ryû, examined by Vinciens in Vienna.
04.2016Short trip to Tokyo to attend the wake after Yukimura-Sensei passed away.
04.2016Successful examination for the 4th Kyû.
04.2017Three-week trip to Japan, lessons with Osada Steve. Successful examination for 3rd Kyû Osada-Ryû.
08.2017Private lessons with Osada Steve in Vienna, successful examination for 2nd Kyû Osada-Ryû.
03.-04.2018Trip to Japan, intensive lessons at Studio SIX with Osada Steve.
04.-05.2019Trip to Japan, intensive lessons at Studio SIX with Osada Steve. Awarding of the instructor license in Osada-Ryû on April 20.

Events and Appearances

11.2015First performance at the Swiss erotic fair “Extasia” with Yoko.
12.2016Second performance at the Swiss erotic fair “Extasia” with Yoko.
06.2017Appearance on Vice Switzerland on Shibari in the Zurich-area (in German).
07.2018 First Yukimura-Ryû-Workshop by Harukumo in Helsinki. Organised and prepared by Nagor.
08.-09.2018First Workshop-series with Osada Steve in Switzerland, organized by Harukumo and Yoko in collaboration with Secret56.
09.2019 Second workshop series with Osada Steve at the Juku in Neuenhof, organized and supervised by Harukumo and Yoko.
06.2021Collaboration on art thesis at the Lucerne School of Art.


My name is Yoko Sumii and I have been performing at Shibari for 14 years now. With my former performance partner Dragonrope I was regularly seen on the stages of Boundcon in Munich or Extasia in Switzerland.

In 2014 I set up the first Juku together with Harukumo and developed it together with him. I especially like suspensions and performances that tell their own story and are designed with music and matching costumes.

Since 2016 I have also gained my first experience as a photographer. To capture the emotions and moods properly has now become a real passion of mine and I take every opportunity to get out with the camera again.

Yoko, Performerin. Shibari-Modell und Organisatorin der Juku

I also like to organize events and workshops where we pass on what we experience and learn new every year in Japan.

We as the Juku-team are looking forward to your visit and are of course always available for questions about Shibari, Kinbaku or Japan.