Chô (町) is a unit of length equal to about 109 meters. This unit of measurement belongs to the Japanese Shakkanhô system and is not in use today. Occasionally, however, one still comes across it in the literature when distances are given in chô.

Collar exercise

The collar exercise is a Nawajiri exercise. Bakushi puts on Ukete a rope collar consisting of two double layers, which are loosely placed around the neck and closed in front with a normal knot.

The collar must be loose enough to be turned around the neck and must also have enough distance from the neck and face so that the short bight does not touch the body. This would be distracting and make the exercise more difficult.

The collar exercise begins in a sitting position after the collar is put on. Bakushi takes the nawajiri in hand and begins to communicate. There are three factors that are played with. The first is the angle of the rope, the second is the tension of the rope and the third is the distance between the hand and the collar.

Contact via the Nawajiri in the collar exercise

Bakushi and Ukete communicate with each other through the rope. Each change of a factor thereby produces a reaction, and this reaction points the direction in which it continues. Bakushi and Ukete thus establish their joint communication, while the nawajiri connects and extends the two bodies.

Slight changes lead to reactions. Communication arises.

The exercise becomes more intense when body or eye contact is deliberately avoided, so that the only connection between Bakushi and Ukete is the Nawajiri.

This exercise is a good introduction to a shibari encounter and allows for intensive aisatsu-shibari. The quiet interaction helps with concentration and trains listening skills. One’s mood and feelings come out and a connection between Bakushi and Ukete is created.

Bakushi changes the parameters with calmness and concentration. After each change, Bakushi waits and intensively observes the reaction of Ukete, which is now expressed. Only when this reaction is complete, Bakushi gives the next impulse.

This game is unlimited in time and is not only a good warm-up exercise, but also a possible start to an intense shibari encounter.

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