On April 20, 2019, a dream came true for me. After many years of training and education, I was personally appointed Osada instructor by Steve. Since this day I belong to the officially authorized to teach and can finally pass on my acquired knowledge to you.

Übergabe der Osada-Instruktoren-Lizenz, Tokio, 20. April 2019. Danke an Steve, Michael Ropeknight und Yoko Sumii.
Receiving the Osada-Ryû instructors license on April 20th 2019 at Studio SIX, Tokyo

This is a milestone in my development as a performer, but also as a teacher. After Yukimura-sensei already gave me the mission in 2014 to teach his style and to continue performing in his spirit, now comes an additional responsibility.

How it all began…

The road was long and began already in 2005, when I was a guest at Studio SIX for the first time, and for a long time it was not at all sure whether I would ever learn to do Shibari. After a first workshop in Germany I had doubts whether I had the right feeling in my fingertips.

But my time at Studio SIX and the commitment have borne fruit!

It should be said that Harukumo helped me since 2005 as a man for everything in the dojo, and over the years worked his way up to the model student and role model.

Read: after 14 years of intensive study of Osada-Ryû it is evident that an instructor’s license is not handed out to somebody who just took a remote class.

Osada Steve

The future Osada-instructor

So with the new mission to further popularize Osada-Ryû we start into a new time. As an Osada instructor, I will offer classes and workshops based on Osada-Ryû from now on. The concepts and ideas are bubbling up and we are already preparing the first exams.

It is our goal not only to make Osada-Ryû better known, but also to spread it further. This way of captivating allows such wonderful moments that I can not wait to share my passion with others.